Save hours each month and
scale your business effortlessly.

Automatic Payout

Invoice your owners in just a few clicks each month and have your owners pay online. Create payout rules which automatically calculate how much each user is due for a booking, or how much the owner owes you. These rules are automatically applied, based on rule criteria, whenever you create a new statement or invoice.

Customize Statements
& Invoices

Completely customize your statements and invoices with your own logo. You may add additional line items to each invoice and add fees and taxes as needed. Your documents are printable directly from the dashboard and you may hide your statements while you’re working on them.

Accept Online

Invoicing and collecting payments from your owners has never been easier. Payments from owners are sent directly to your account and not through Tokeet. Tokeet uses your own Stripe account to collect payment on your behalf. With Stripe, you can charge almost any kind of credit or debit card.

Start Invoicing
In Minutes

Receive instant booking notifications from Airbnb, Booking.com, and Expedia and automatically import booking details like price, dates, guest information and payment information before sending a customized invoice to any of your guests. You may then charge your guests through your payment gateway using the virtual card details already provided.

  • Easily create owner invoices

    Quickly generate invoices for multiple owners at a time with options to specify rentals and channels.

  • Manage invoices

    View a list of all invoices, filter by status, adjust them as necessary or even download your list.

  • Visibility options

    Keep invoices hidden from owners as needed and choose when to make them visible.

Custom Branding

Tokeet allows you to fully brand your owner invoices with your company logo. Your owners will receive a message letting them know that a new invoice is available.

  • Professional Touch

    Put your brand front and center by adding your company logo to your invoices.

  • Easy Customization

    With owner invoices, you have the option to add line items along with taxes and discounts.

  • Seamless Process

    Owners will receive a message alerting them of the invoice, then they can simply log in and pay online.

Owner Statements
Communicate Your Value

Give access to your owners to view monthly income statements within Tokeet. Have your bookings and payouts populated automatically and create owner statements easily.

  • Automatic calculations

    Bookings and payouts are populated automatically using your payout rules.

  • Easy management

    As with owner invoices, you can also view, filter and download your statements.

  • Save and print

    You may print your statements or save them to PDF with just one click.

Powerful Payout Rules

Don’t worry about calculating payments for owners or making mistakes. Payout rules automatically calculate a specific payout, or payable amount, for each booking in an owner statement or invoice. Create multiple rules with different restrictions as needed.

  • Flexible

    Create multiple payout rules to apply a different payout amount for different owners, different channels, or different rentals.

  • Intuitive

    Tokeet will find a matching rule for each booking depending on the booking's rental, owner, or channel when you are creating an invoice or statement for an owner.

  • Customizable

    Payout rules allow you to change how the line items are deducted and whether your starting point will be the booking total or booking formula total.


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