More COVID-19 Help From Tokeet

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    I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy, and I wish for a fast turnaround to this current situation.

    I know that many of you are experiencing difficult times in your businesses and have reached out for assistance from Tokeet. We are committed in our resolve to work with all of our customers and assist where we can. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic can potentially affect our industry for many months. The only way for us to recover well is to work together and be good citizens in this global industry.

    Tokeet came to market when most short-term Property/Channel Management Software was priced high and required long-term commitments and significant upfront expenditure. We helped pioneer the low-priced / high-value segment of the CMS industry and have established a leadership position in this segment. Since then, there have been many new entrants who seek to mimic our success by copying our price, positioning, and model – not to mention their marketing materials. We welcome these companies and are excited by the fresh energy and vibrance they add to our industry. We strongly believe that competition is good for you, our customers.

    We also believe that, due to our strong and established customer base and structure, we are well-positioned to help you weather this economic storm and get your business back on track. Below are some additional actions we will be taking to further help our customers through this troubling time.

    • We are permanently eliminating all plans for the introduction of an invoice (processing) fee within the core Tokeet product. This fee was first mentioned in our price change email in February.

    • By popular request, we are reopening our yearly plan offer to all customers. This will provide an average 30% discount off current prices.

    • We are also introducing a two-year plan with a discount of about 40% off current prices. This new plan is immediately available to all customers.

    • We will soon be launching Sympl CM to help our smaller property managers who are looking for an easier, more cost-effective solution. Sympl CM is designed for managers of 1-3 properties at a price of $2.99/rental.

    The best businesses utilize time during an economic downturn to become even better. I am sure many of you are taking a hard look at your models and are finding ways to be even more efficient than ever. Likewise, Tokeet is not satisfied with sitting still during this lull in our industry. In the coming months, we will be releasing a number of new tools and applications designed to further improve your operations and efficiency. In addition to Sympl CM, we are building a completely new application for creating beautiful websites to help you attract guests directly, and save on commissions. We are also building a product designed for managing your staff, service providers, and vendors. These changes ensure that you will be able to support your business with one integrated platform, rather than having to integrate multiple providers that were never built to work together. None of our existing products or features are going away.

    Tokeet is here for the long term. Let’s meet the future together.

    Warm regards,
    Kwesi Steele
    Tokeet CEO

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    Since dropping this e-mail overnight, quite a few of you have written in to take advantage of the subscription offers, including some returning customers.

    Thanks for your commitment to our platform! We promise you our best efforts at quality and responsiveness, so post here or drop me a line any time.


  • Hi. Is there any update regarding the Sympl CM launch? I kinda need it 😉 Thank you.

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    @Hugo-Candeias - Beta testing is starting the first week of August.