Rategenie Q1-Q2 Updates [2021]

  • Updated: We have introduced a new UI for Rategenie.

    Updated: We have added a new feature in Rategenie with the name Length of stay discounts. Now, you have the option to use LOS discounts from Rategenie.

    Fixed: Custom feed: Saving the strategy 2nd time for custom feed was showing an error, that has been fixed now.

    Fixed: [Manual Rates] Nightly override rate was not aligned correctly. This has been fixed.

    Fixed: [Rate Estimator] Unable to change values after cost is calculated. This has been fixed.

    Fixed: [Rate Estimator] Cleaning Fee was not visible on Cost Estimator widget. This has been fixed.

    Updated: Added LOS video on the LOS pop up window.

    Updated - On the Rates calendar rates break down, we have changed the label from Local Events to 'Special Events' to be consistent with the ‘Special Event’ rule label.

    Fixed - Special Event rule max KM range label issue- Previously the label was saying min KM range is 10, even though that was the max KM range. This label issue has been fixed.

    Fixed - The Appstore billing page did not show correct pricing when a user was subscribed to the Rategenie application. This has been fixed now.

    Fixed - Room ID label was missing in connection detail view for all channels. This is fixed now.

    Fixed - POP up for new UI keep was coming despite checking the box 'don't show this message again. This has been fixed now.

    Updated - For Rategenie stand-alone application we have redirected new Sympl users on the app store to subscribe to a paid plan.

    Updated - The new Rategenie users will be subscribed according to new Rategenie rental base pricing plans.