Management fee calculations

  • I'd like to ask how other property managers calculate their management commissions on Tokeet with the Owner Center Payout Rules. Would appreciate hearing how you work.
    Do you use Payout Rules and charge a % commission from the amounts OTA's send to Tokeet even though this information is different from Airbnb to

    What I mean by that is that if I set a rate of 100€ per night and get 2 nights booked Airbnb will sent to Tokeet a Total charge of 172€ whereas Booking will send 200€ because they do not deduct their commission.

    How do you overcome that in order to charge commissions consistently, and also show the right incomes to owners in the reports?


  • @Mallory-De-La-Villemarqué Increase the percentage on Booking x 15% and on Airbnb 7%. You can do this from "Rates> Channel adjustment". This is how it works for me. And they send me money exactly who I put in tokeet.

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