My Tokeet Wishlist

  • My Tokeet Wishlist:

    -For goodness sake please get an API for Homeaway. What use is a channel manager when I have to do so many manual tasks to import the information for the bookings?

    -Put some kind of message labels and color coding in the alerts and messages on Tokeet dashboard so we that can quickly know which channel it was generated from instead of all communication sitting in one giant, single color pile.

    -Please fix how your AirBNB api keeps pulling invalid guest email addresses into the reservations. The last time I brought this up I got some excuse, blaming it on AirBNB. Well.......AirBNB has the correct info on their reservation list and you're failing to import it. Sounds to me like the impetus is on the Tokeet devs to fix this.

    -Please make RateGenie more useful. Get some real data analytics on it. There just isn't enough rate variation in those daily rates for me to believe that there is any real detailed demand forecast behind that tool. Also give RateGenie more price settings like all of your competitors do. I have to continue using PriceLabs because RateGenie leaves way to much cash on the table with lazy, conservative pricing. Also, it would also be nice if I quit randomly losing access to RateGenie rates altogether; stating that I am "no longer subscribed to RateGenie." Well, last I check I pay for pretty much the whole suite and shouldn't be unsubscribed from anything. I was just wanting to check to see if the pricing model has improved and I can't even see the rates.

    -Please fix how when I share the link to my tokeet website in FB messenger or other messaging apps, the preview pane below it always says "502 Bad Gateway". It makes it look like I have a dead link or maybe even scammy to some.

    -Lastly, please stop making excuses and get these basic customer needs addressed. This tool has a lot of potential if the devs and their support will put their noses to the grindstone and make this tool more user friendly.

    I really need to see some more concerted effort to become a long term customer. This is the best feedback you're gonna get for improving your tool, so pay attention. Powdering your behinds will not show you the gaps that your tool has.

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