Issue with new invoices & receipts

  • Hello,

    The new invoices do not mention company name or our VAT ID and as a result we risk being fined by the government for using the company credit card to pay Tokeet and there is no invoice with the company details to justify using the company credit card.

    The accounting department denied re-issuing an invoice similar to all the ones we have been receiving since our account opened which is really upsetting.

    Is some senior Tokeet member here to address the issue?


  • @Pavlos-Skoufis

    Hi Pavlos,

    Our engineering team is working on adding links for the old Tokeet invoices to the Billing History page. Also, going forward the Stripe generated invoices will include company name and VAT ID. Our Product Team will update this post once this is in place.

    In the meantime, we have sent you a Live Chat message with instructions on how to access your invoices with the VAT ID.

  • @Pavlos-Skoufis

    Links to the old Tokeet invoices are now available. They can be found on the Billing History page, under the 'Tokeet Invoice' column. These invoices will include your VAT ID.