Maximize your profits with the new Genie Strategy! 🤩

  • Genie Strategy is Now 10X Better!

    The Rategenie team has been working hard to make our pricing algorithms, and your rates, even better. We are super excited to announce the New Genie Strategy which generates even better results and increased revenue for our property managers.

    Initial tests have shown up to a 20% lift over the existing Genie Strategy.

    We highly encourage you to try this new strategy now.

    After logging in to the application, simply go to the Strategies section and select the new Genie Strategy option when creating or updating a strategy.

    Give our new Genie Strategy a try today!

    Note: We will be deprecating our Old Genie Strategy from Rategenie sometime in the future.

    If you have any feedback or questions please schedule a demo with me.