TOKEET UPDATES | February 01 - February 28 2022

  • STAFF Moderator

    We have made some updates in the application to improve functionality & UI/UX along with fixing bugs. Below is a quick overview of these updates

    Updated: We have provided the facility to add rental specific Booking Formulas

    Updated: We have provided the facility to download all emails (both primary & secondary) in the guest data feed

    Updated: We have made an update to save invoice logos in Cloudinary instead of File Cabinet

    Updated: We have updated the design of the left menu on the Channels page

    Updated: For users on the Trial and Fee plan we have added a tooltip on the Integrations page (MailChimp, Slack, Dropbox, and Wheelhouse) when they hover over CONNECT button

    Updated: We have added the HelpDocs library and utilizing it for showing documentation in popups

    Updated: We have made a few updates to the Tokeet website e.g. added the Marriott logo on the Channel Manager page and also updated a few integrations on the Integrations page

    Updated: We have updated the tooltip in Push Rates & Availability popup to the following

    Please create rate mappings for this property within Tokeet. Rate mappings added in Rategenie will not be considered

    Updated: We have updated the info icon in the following modules

    Users, Rates, Payments, Data Feeds, and Stealth

    Updated: On the Integrations page within the app if a user is on Trial we have disabled the CONNECT button for Partner API connected apps

    Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the Edit Additional Guests popup wasn't showing when the user clicks on it in inquiry details

    Fixed: We have fixed an issue where Tokeet emails are failing DKIM and SPF authentication

    Fixed: We have fixed an issue with the REFRESH button in the Channels module where when we click on the button it moves the connections to Pending status

    Fixed: We have fixed an issue where widgets are not loading

    Fixed: We have fixed issues caused by Airbnb 64 bit Room ID

    Fixed: We have fixed a few bugs related to Quotes

    Fixed: We have fixed a few crashes related to the mobile applications and deployed latest Android and iOS build to Google Play and App Store

  • Hi Guys,

    About two years ago I heard that there's a new Owner's Portal in the works.
    Is this still happening? Would like to chip in my idea of what would help us achieve a complete report for owners.

    Currently, owners only access the portal to see inquiry, booking revenue and utilization but expenses have to be done separate as its not available in the module.
    We want to offer a complete solution to our owners where they can see Petty Cash balance as well as all detailed expenses like we see as Property Managers within Tokeet.
    Can this something that we should expect happening anytime soon?