TV3 UPDATES | January 01 - January 31 2022

  • STAFF Moderator

    Happy New Year. Below is a quick overview of January updates

    Updated: We have added Created By column in the Expenses module

    Updated: We have added the following additional information to the inquiry feed
    Guest secondary email
    Guest phone
    Guest address
    Number of nights

    Updated: Forgot password link now expire after a user has reset their password

    Updated: We have added a grace period banner if card payment fails

    Updated: On invoices, at the bottom right we have added additional lines to Itemize. Vat Total, Net Total (Without vat) and Gross Total (Including Vat)

    Updated: We have added a new landing page that confirms verification when the user clicks on the email verification link

    Updated: On Dashboard, we have added an entry in Activity Feed when someone adds/deletes a hold event

    Updated: We have added Safely company to Tokeet/Sympl integrations page on the website

    Updated: We have provided the ability to colour code hold events just like bookings

    Updated: We have updated the rental requirement from 5 to 15 for connecting with Holidu

    Updated: For Vrbo and Marriott users shouldn't be able to connect if Stripe is not connected as a payment gateway

    Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the mobile app was not working for iPhone 14 Pro Max

    Fixed: We are now showing guest secondary email addresses in the downloaded CSV file

    Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the Total displays as 0 in the fired automation message when a booking is created from the Tokeet website

    Fixed: We have fixed an Agenda calendar issue where Notes should be highlighted/unhighlighted without a refresh

    Fixed: We have provided the facility to disconnect the last payment gateway even if it is set as default

    Fixed: We have fixed an issue where If the apply booking fee is unchecked while creating a booking, tax should not be applied to that Fee

    Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the page gets stuck when you click on the notifications icon

    Fixed: For Rentals United we have fixed an issue where values under the connection status table and Activity Logs don't update

    Fixed: Under User Settings, users shouldn't be able to type characters in the Phone field