Rategenie Updates | Q2 - Q3 [2019]


    Q2 Updates

    Issue Fix
    Absolute adjustments of 0 are no longer allowed - New Feature: 0 values are no longer allowed for absolute adjustments. it has to be a positive or negative integer, but not 0.
    Strategies filter applied shows 0 data when we switch from the Rentals page to another page, and then back again - when a strategy filter is active on the rentals page, switching to other pages and back showed the rentals page as empty, even though a strategy filter is active with actual rentals.
    Availability showing incorrectly for overlapping bookings - overlapping bookings were showing incorrectly in the rates calendars
    Grey overlay is shown on safari browser when user try to move to different page/year/month - display issue in safari browser on macOS when moving forward or backwards in time on the rates calendar
    Color indicator take more time to load when user has high number of listings - the color bar that indicates sync status was causing large user accounts to load slowly
    When a new booking is made, creating a new gap, new rates are not being generated - when new bookings came in, and a valid gap appeared in the calendar, the rates were not updating until the daily refresh. now the rates refresh the moment the gap appears.
    0 percent does not remain sticky in Month and Day specific rules - 0 percent adjustments were not showing when editing a month or day specific rule
    On Rental overlay-'Reset' button on RG rental settings is not clearing data, user has to reopen the screen - the reset button on the rentals overlay was not clearing the data until the user refreshed the page
    Error messages doesn't display at iPad - display issue on ipads with error messages
    Allow users to set values up to +300% in all percent adjustment fields - New Feature: percent adjustments can now go up to +300%.
    Allow users to add/use the Day Specific Rule with the Genie Strategy - New Feature: the day specific rule was previously not an option in the genie strategy. now it is.
    Allow users to select the same start and end date in Date Specific Rule - New Feature: users were only able to use the rule for a 2 day minimum. now they can do it for single days by selecting the same start and end date.
    Decimal values are no longer allowed - New Feature: decimal values are no longer allowed anywhere in the app. only integers.

    Q3 Updates

    Issue Fix
    Safari browser- success messages Tick mark icon is not showing through out the app - display issue with safari browser on macOS
    Firefox and Safari browser- Strategies rules fields are overlapping with text and icons - display issue with safari/firefox browsers
    Gap night rule - min nights is not populated - min night field would show as blank when editing a gap night rule
    Add the Price Percentile selector to the Genie Strategy - New Feature: we added the price percentile option to the genie strategy, so now they can have the genie strategy generate rates for different price points
    Show channel adjusted prices in red if the min or max rate is applied - New Feature: channel adjusted prices on the rates overlay calendar now appear in red if the min or max rate is applied
    Multiple Edit options are opened when users click on edit button on different rows in List view - clicking the edit button in multiple rows of the table meant the edit menu for each click was persistent, making a visual mess. now you click on one, and then click on another edit button, and the previous edit menu disappears.
    Booked dates that are showing in multi-calendar are not displayed on standard calendar until I clicked on 'refresh' button - booked dates weren't showing properly on the rates overlay calendar, until the calendar was refreshed.
    Rental listing with no mapping (like BDC, Expedia) should not be allow to Turn On Sync - New Feature: if sync is turned off in RG for a listing, it cannot be turned on until there is a rate mapping created for that listing first. this does not affect airbnb listings, which are auto-mapped.
    Sometimes Rates calendar is not showing rates when user logged in to Rate Genie - some users were seeing the rates calendar appear blank, with a loading animation permanently cycling
    Add new tab for users to add notes to saved strategies - New Feature: a new tab was added to the strategies overlay, which will allow users to save notes for their team to read or respond to.

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