Tokeet v3 Updates | Q3 [2019]


    Q2 Updates

    Module Issue Fix
    [Account/User Settings] Mobile app appears as blank to users with multiple user roles assigned. Removed option to assign multiple user roles to a user profile.
    [Automations] Updated free Automations module to only allow 1 trigger per event type. Trigger logs will show a consolidated set of events from all rentals included on the trigger.
    [Channels] Canceled API bookings were resetting booking charges to 0. Fixed issue.
    [Channels] AirBnb connections are showing as Not Visible though they are technically visible. Fixed issue.
    [Connection Wizards] Pushing an empty calendar will stall user progress through connection wizards. Users can add a temporary hold event within the connection wizard so they do not have to navigate away from the wizard to do so.
    [Data Feeds] Different maximum lines for different types of data feeds was creating confusion. Increased all data feeds default maximum lines to 1000
    [Data Feeds: Inquiry Feed] Filtering by date range leaves out bookings that should fall within the range. Fixed issue.
    [Expense Feed/Inquiry Feed] Currency symbol prevents calculation on data feed downloads. Currency symbol is separated to it's own column so that math can be done without the user having to delimit the column.
    [Expenses] Expenses could not be created unless associated with a rental. Removed the requirement of Expenses being associated with rentals
    [Inquiries] American date format shown as default Tokeet date format. Updated to a universally understood version DD-MMM-YYYY
    [Inquiries] Bookings showing no check in/out times. Users who do not have a valid timezone and check-in/out times set can now update this via a link and resulting dialog box on the booking details.
    [Inquiries] Booking/hold events with name as 'NAN' will cause the application to crash. Fixed Issue.
    [Inquiries] After saving the invoice a user was required to re-open the invoice they just saved. When creating invoices from inquiry inbox, the Edit invoice overlay will appear after Saving the invoice.
    [Inquiries] System would overwrite user's attempts to adjust the base charge on the edit booking charges dialog. Fixed Issue.
    [Inquiries: Message Feed] Unread messages was not being counted. Added an unread messages count to the top right next to the alerts icon.This will link to the Message Feed.
    [Inquiry Detail View] Arrive and Depart dates on inquiries was showing as "Never" Fixed Issue.
    [Invoice Data Feeds] Unsent invoices show up as being sent in 1970 Fixed Issue.
    [Invoices] User could not add multiple lines on invoice description. Description field will allow multiple lines on an invoice.
    [Rates] Ignore BDC guest fee option does not work on day specific pricing. Fixed Issue.
    [Rates] Channel adjustments not applying to day specific pricing. Fixed Issue.
    [Rentals] Importing rentals from AirBnb caused duplicate rentals to be created. Any time the same listing is re-imported it will automatically have an identifying version number assigned to it.
    [Websites] Hold event types other than "Confirmed" would not result in a block on website and widget calendars. All hold event types will now block the website calendar, instead of just confirmed hold events.
    [Widgets] Interstitial widget date picker was allowing start date to be after end date. Fixed Issue.

    Q3 Updates

    Issue / Fix
    1. Fixed an issue where websites being saved with a single rental selected are defaulting to Multiple rental website.
    2. Fixed an issue where uploading expenses via csv would result in USD showing on all uploaded expenses.
    3. Fixed an issue where quotes sent to guests from bookings that originated on a Tokeet website would show as 0.00.
    4. Added new feature whereby the user can click on a graph item on the Bookings or Revenue section of the dashboard and be taken to a pre-filtered list of inquiries. EG: If I click on September for Rental X I will be taken to the inquiries list view with the rental(s) and month filtered accordingly.
    5. Fixed issue where currency search was not providing the correctly filtered options.
    6. Added ability to copy rental terms and payment instructions over from other rentals. This shows as a Copy Terms button on the rental’s Rental Instructions tab.
    7. Fixed an issue where the KeyCode and Security Code data dictionary items would strip out the leading 0’s.
    8. Fixed an issue causing recurring monthly expenses not to create automatically at the appropriate date (exactly 1 month after the date of the previous recurring monthly expense).
    9. Fixed an issue where .jpg and .gif’s sent from guests to users were inaccessible on the Tokeet message.
    10. Fixed an issue where making an adjustment to the booking details would cause the invoices to disappear.
    11. Added select all and delete to the Expenses module.
    12. Fixed an issue where uploading expenses would result in all expenses showing an attached receipt on the table when this is not the case.

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