Unable to unlink with airbnb after deleting the account, no actions can be done in airbnb either

  • hello Tokeet!

    thanks for your time in advance but ive had problems with tokeet and airbnb, yesterday i took the trial version to see how your app works but at the end of the day unfortunately decided to go back to the other channel manager i was using, problem is now that on airbnb page, it still says that is connected to tokeet, i can change prices and stuff in calendars in airbnb site but,, cant link it to any other channel or further actions cause it says its still connected,
    before deleting the account, i manually unlinked all properties that were in the tokeet profile and deleted the rentals as well, then i deleted the account, problem is that now i have no way to go back to that account cause as said above is deleted and in airbnb service they said that the cant do anything about it cause it has to bbe done from tokeet.

    hope you can help my out with my matter!

    the email used is this same one," i made a new account hopping to retrieve the previous data but it didnt work either

    thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon !

  • ive been succesfully responded by tokeet service, if any of you come across this same problem this is the way to solve it =
    On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 01:03 PM, "Fakhar Abbas" fakhar.abbas@tokeet-7e2995b121d6.intercom-mail.com wrote:
    Hello, to resolve this issue please log into Airbnb.

    1. Log into your airbnb account
    2. click this link https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/sync
    3. click the edit button at the end of the connection> click Stop sync
      Then click on Account Settings -> Privacy and Sharing
      and remove Tokeet. This will ensure that there are no ties between Airbnb and Tokeet.