Agenda Calendar

  • To improve this we would like:

    1. Add Day before Date
    2. Move Rental so column order becomes Day, Date, Event, Rental, Name, Guests, Note
    3. Colour Note icon different colour where a Note exists, avoiding need to click through all
    4. Incorporate Tasks and update the event type filter to allow selection of relevant options
    5. Make the event type filter sticky, ie filter will be default view until changed
    6. Upgrade Rentals filter to match filters elsewhere in the system with Rentals and Tags
    7. Update Download to export Day, Date, Event, Rental, Name, Guests, Booking Source, Note
    8. Rename download file Agenda, YYYY-MM-DD

    Please indicate which items will be addressed and estimated delivery period, eg. Q2, 2020

  • One more thing
    9. Don't understand why the system lets me define times as either am/pm or 24hr then display my 24hr times as am/pm. Display times according to the format I have defined.

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