Tokeet Overview

Tokeet is focused on helping you run your vacation rental business, across all your marketing channels including Airbnb,, Expedia, your own website, and many others.  Once you configure your Tokeet account, your vacation rental business starts to flow beautifully through the Tokeet system.  This is a brief description of how everything fits together in Tokeet.

Rentals and Rates

The most important element in Tokeet are your Rentals.  Rentals are listings in Tokeet, which are synchronized with all your channels.  You can create rentals by importing your Airbnb listings, or by manually typing in property data.  For details on adding and updating your rentals please see the following article: How do I add and update rentals?

The Tokeet rate calendar allows you to quickly and easily set Rates for each of your rentals.  For each rental, you can specify availability and rate (price) info. You can have different rate categories (different pricepoints) for your different channels and for your website.  For more information on setting rental rates please see the following article: Rental Rates Calendar


Once your rentals are created, the next step is to connect them with your Channels. Each day, Tokeet's customers work across thousands of channel connections--both API and iCal.   

Tokeet is integrated via API with Airbnb,, and Expedia - with more API partnerships added on an ongoing basis.

Managing channels via an API integration allows you to synchronize availability, update channel rates, and track booking notifications from the Tokeet platform.

There are specific and detailed Help Center articles for connecting to API channels:  Airbnb,, and Expedia. Tokeet allows you to partner with every other marketing channel via iCal, or iCalendar. Our customers manage listings on channels including Homeaway, Tripadvisor, HolidayLettings, Wimdu, Filpkey,, Housetrip, and many others.

Managing channels via iCal allows you to synchronize availability between Tokeet and connected channels.  For a basic overview of connecting your channels via iCal please see the following article: Connecting iCal Channels with Tokeet

Once your channels are connected to your Tokeet rentals, you can synchronize availability everywhere.  For example, when you receive a booking from one channel, it will block your Tokeet calendar for that rental--and update this change in availability with all your other connected channels.   

You can also update rates for your API channels via Tokeet.   When you make rate changes for your rentals, these changes can then be pushed to your API channels (Airbnb,, Expedia).   Rate pushes need to be initiated by you to ensure you're sending rate info only when you're ready.

Tokeet Email

Every Tokeet account comes with a email address.  It is recommended that you include this email address in your marketing channels and places like your Tokeet website, social networks etc.  This way, any emails sent to your Tokeet email address will show up in a single location:  your Tokeet Message Feed.

Payment Gateways

Tokeet allows you to connect your PayPal and Stripe accounts in order to issue invoices and have them paid online, and to take bookings through your Tokeet website or website widget.  

In addition, connecting your Stripe account allows you to capture guest credit card info when they book via and Expedia - giving you the ability to charge guests via saved card. For more information on how to charge your guests via Tokeet please see the following article: How do I accept payments online and via credit card?


Your Tokeet Website acts as another marketing channel for you.  You can easily create a website with the Tokeet Website Builder and use your own domain name, or one of Tokeet's included domains like  

Alternatively, you can use your own site and embed Tokeet's Booking, Calendar, Inquiry, and Search widgets on it.  

In either case, your website or website widget loads your current rental availability info from Tokeet, as well as your designated website rate category.  Guests can send you inquiries or bookings--directly from your Tokeet website or website widgets. Please see the following article for more info on creating your own Tokeet website: Creating a website with Website Builder

Inquiry Inbox

Once your channels are connected and your optional Tokeet website is live, you are ready to receive all your guest inquiries, bookings, and cancellations.  All of these show up in your Tokeet Inquiry Inbox.  

Your Inquiry Inbox is another key area of Tokeet.  In the Inquiry Inbox, you can do many actions, for example:

  • send the guest a message
  • confirm or cancel a booking received through your website
  • create an invoice
  • send guests the link to their guest portal website.  

The Inquiries Overview article will introduce you to many of the features available in the Inquiry module.


Tokeet has a very powerful and flexible automation add-on product called Automata. Using Automata triggers will allow you to automate and streamline all your guest and internal communication .

  • For example, triggers can be used to notify you via email or SMS when a new inquiry or booking is received, or to automatically reply to guests.  
  • You can create email, SMS, contract, and push notification message templates--and add variables from the Tokeet data dictionary that automatically replace with values like Guest Name, Rental Name, and forty other fields.

Tokeet also provides an automation module that is included with your Tokeet subscription (Owner Plan and above). To utilize the standard Tokeet automation, please refer to the following guide. Tokeet Automation [link not existing yet: new feature]

User Settings

You can also create different users, with different levels of permissions, and give them access to information in Tokeet.  Most commonly, our customers create Staff users, who can see the Tokeet calendar--as well as Owner users, who have limited access to calendar and reporting of specific rentals in Tokeet. This way, your entire business--including Admins, Managers, Owners, and Staff, are in the loop.

The following articles will guide you through the creation of new users and explanation on what permissions are provided to each user role:

User Type and Permissions Overview

How Do I Add and Update Users?

Your business should now be flowing beautifully through Tokeet.  There are many other options, tweaks, and configurations available to you in Tokeet. For now, these are the most important.  

Please contact us with questions any time!  We are thrilled to have you onboard and wish you a most successful vacation rental business.   

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