Italy 6 months free fees for CoVid

  • Last year the 27th of March, you announced that "Current paid customers with account addresses in Italy, with properties in Italy will be given the next six (6) months of their Tokeet subscriptions for free"

    This was a lovely and highly appreciate initiative. However, I discovered 8 days ago that I paid all the fees and no one is answering me about this issue. I've been told that this was on request but Kwesi Steele's message was clear: "no action is needed on your part". All the fees have been withdrawn from my credit card although I am located in Rome (Italy).

    I submitted the cases more than a week ago and still have no news from anyone. I keep on texting in the chat but I get just ignored. I don't want to be the Karen of the situation but I'm a bit disappointed by this...

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    Hi Alojsia. Thank you for your feedback, and I apologize for any delay in communications. I am requesting an update from the billing department, and we will followup with you via in-app messaging.

  • @Duane can I ask why this wasn't offered to the UK business

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    @Infinity-Apartments said in Italy 6 months free fees for CoVid:

    @Duane can I ask why this wasn't offered to the UK business

    Hi. This offer was made in direct response to the dire situation that was facing the Italian economy at the time. That was the only country that received such an offer. They got hit hardest and earliest. Other countries suffered later, and we assisted users on a case-by-case basis. However, at the time, we felt a need to provide users in Italy with assistance, as it was not yet known how bad things would get globally.