Signature Updates Q4 [2021]

  • STAFF Moderator

    The following updates and bug fixes have been made this quarter:

    Updated: The new Snap-To-Alignment tool has been added, to make it easier to align fields in your templates and documents. Learn more about it here.

    Updated: User access controls have been added to the user and group settings. You can now control who can view specific content in your account.

    Updated: The old version of the UI has been phased out, and you will no longer be able to switch to it on the Settings page.

    Updated: Signature can now be used in the following languages: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, English.

    Updated: When deleting a template, any associated automations in Signature, or triggers in Automata will be deleted. This will remove the need to manually cleanup automations and triggers lists.

    Updated: The switch UI banner has been moved to the Settings page, for any users who still wish to use the old UI.

    Updated: A new tab called Documents has been added to the contact details overlay. This will show all documents that are associated with the specified contact.

    Updated: Access to the billing page is now restricted to administrators only. This change was made thanks to user feedback.

    Updated: If a signer tries to open a document that is already completed, they will now be taken to a landing page that explains why they can not edit the document further.

    Updated: The billing info page can only be accessed by administrator users.

    Updated: The channel filter is now available for Invoice Created and Invoice Paid events. This was previously restricted.

    Updated: Tooltips have been added to the automation activity logs to increase the amount of information available when reviewing automation activity.

    Updated: Tooltips have been added to the Automations table to provide more information when reviewing your list of automations.

    Fixed: Translation errors have been corrected.

    Fixed: Display issues related to some language translations have been corrected.

    Fixed: A typo in the success notification email has been corrected.

    Fixed: The edit menu on the Templates page was clipping through the bottom of the dashboard.

    Fixed: There was an issue with some audit trails that prevented some documents from being marked as completed. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: The tags field was not showing all the assigned tags correctly. This has been fixed.

    Fixed: The edit menu was sometimes opening at the bottom of the page. This has been fixed.

    Fixed: The Remember Me checkbox on the login page was not opening the Save Password dialog correctly. This has been fixed.

    Fixed: For displays running at lower resolutions, the Settings menu was not fully visible. This has been corrected.

    Fixed: If a contact uploaded a bad image file, the document could not be marked as completed. This issue has been resolved.

    Fixed: The automation count in the sidebar was showing the incorrect number of automations for some accounts.

    Fixed: Users were temporarily unable to access the app through the login page or the addons button in TV3. This issue has been resolved.

    Fixed: Text inserted through data fields were misaligned near the bottom of longer documents in the inbox and the preview. This issue has been resolved.

    Fixed: When sending to some guests, a bad email error message was returned, causing the send to fail. This issue has been resolved.