Error "The specified rental is already linked in this channel" when I try to link my rental with Airbnb API

  • I am not sure what happened with Tokeet recent updates, but it makes it hard to link new rentals with the Airbnb API. I am getting an error saying it's already linked when it's not. I kept asking support for assistance but seems doesn't know how to troubleshoot it. It never happened before. I was able to link a new rental last week, but this week after I updated my plan and fixed it as it was also having issues, I can't connect my rentals. I looked for any linked properties, but there wasn't. Support keeps importing, which I specifically want the rental to be linked to. Importing creates. They are checking it internally and don't know the ETA to rectify it. Does anyone encounter the same? I need this up and running. Thanks

  • STAFF Moderator

    Hello Richard, We can see that all of your Airbnb listings are linked with Tokeet rentals. Can you please let us know with which Rental you are having this issue and you are trying to connect it with which listing?