TV3 UPDATES | September 01 - September 30 2022

  • STAFF Moderator

    In the month of September, we made some updates to the application to improve functionality and UI/UX along with fixing bugs. Below is a quick overview of these updates

    Updated: [Rentals] We have added the following Amenities in the Rentals module

    • Fridge

    • Bath

    • Shower

    • Washing Machine

    • Coffee Maker

    • Baby Cot

    • High Chair

    • Smoke Alarms

    • Dedicated Workspace

    • Microwave

    • Outdoor Dining Area

    • Lift

    Updated: [Rentals] We have implemented a feature request where COPY TERMS button will allow you to copy Check-In Instructions, Check-Out Instructions, Directions, House Rules, and Special Instructions along with Payment Terms and Payment Instructions

    Updated: [Booking Formula] Ability to select date period for a Booking Formula

    Updated: [Rental Amenities] Add Tooltips for channel icons

    Updated: [Hold Events] Added Created by column in Hold Events list

    Updated: [Data Feeds] Add a check-box option to select the base/nightly rate instead of the total cost when downloading data feeds

    Updated: [Data Feeds] Ability to filter inquiry data on basis of Source

    Updated: [Rentals] Allow mass deletion of images from rentals

    Updated: [Vrbo] Include timestamps for Availability Pull, Availability Push, and Rate Push

    Fixed: [Invoice Rules] Sorting on Last Triggered is not working correctly

    Fixed: [Inquiries/Bookings] User shouldn't be able to set negative nights while updating a booking

    Fixed: [Registration] On Registration step 3, users can skip to step 4 even if they don't enter the phone number

    Fixed: [LOS Discount] Remove the option to select Airbnb from production

    Fixed: [Payment Rules] Channel Column does not display the correct value

    Fixed: [Invoice Templates] In Invoice templates, the screen freezes after clicking on "Set Cost Formula"

    Fixed: [Rates] We have fixed an issue where a strange rate mapping was showing under the Rate Mappings tab

    Fixed: [Billing Info] We have fixed an issue to show Rategenie price up to 2 decimal places

    Fixed: [Interstitial Widget] We have provided the ability to filter results on the basis of guest count

    Fixed: [Interstitial Widget] Filter rentals from Results when maximum guests value is exceeded in search criteria

    Fixed: [Airbnb] Typo of "posting" as "postig"

    Fixed: [Invoices] We have fixed an issue where the browser gets stuck when accessing newly created auto invoice

    Fixed: [Invoices] We have fixed an issue where the correct currency symbol wasn't showing with newly created auto invoices if it is other than $

    Fixed: [Vrbo] Vrbo booking status is showing as paid

    Fixed: [Vrbo API] Availability Push to Vrbo is failing in case of overlapping hold events

    Fixed: [Vrbo] VRBO bookings are importing with the wrong timestamps for the guest_arrive and guest_depart fields

    Fixed: [HVMI] Rentals doesn't show at step 2 of the connection

    Fixed: [Airbnb] Airbnb import property feature is returning a 500 internal server error when there are asterisks in the property name

    Fixed: [Holidu] Fees display wrongs for Holidu bookings