Owner Statement's - Proposed Changes

  • Hi guys,

    I am a property and STR manager for context.

    My owners want to see how their rentals are doing, which is why there is a reports section available. However, the reports available are not what my owners actually want to see. From my side, I can see expenses vs income over a period, or per month which is precisely what my owners want to see. They want to know, did my profits exceed expenses + rental commissions payable? (ie: Net income to the owner)

    If we could have the owners view the same reports we can view as channel managers that would be perfect and in my opinion the logical thing to do.

    I'm not too sure why there is a difference but it would make my life a lot easier if they could just view all the reports.

    I have attached an image about what I can see and what the owners would like to see.

    net income.JPG



    Hey Nathan,

    Thanks for your suggestion, i will look into this for you.