Two New Add-Ons for Tokeet Users: Margins & Owner Center


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    We're pleased to say we've just released a couple new add-on tools that are free to use for all Tokeet subscribers!

    You can read more about the apps here, or you can log into your Tokeet dashboard and start exploring now.

    Before you head out, here's a quick rundown to help you get started:

    Owner Center enables VRMs to better manage their clients (property owners). Separated revenue streams, customized reports, and a tailored user portal are just a few of the new features packed into a sleek, smart UI.

    Margins is your new data center. It gathers and tracks a number of data points from your Tokeet account, allowing you to visualize, adjust, and improve every aspect of your VR operation! Strong data collection and interpretation is the key to continuous improvement and growth, as well as giving you a leg up on your closest competitors.

    Please feel free to send us feedback or any questions / issues right here on the Community board's Technical Help or Feedback/Suggestion sections!