Weekly & monthly prices not flowing from Tokeet to AirBnb & Booking.com

  • I have set-up discounts for weekly and monthly discounts in Tokeet. When I "push prices" these discounts do not show in AirBnB and Booking.com.
    I have tried setting weekly & monthly prices in AirBnB as an alternative, but when I link the property these weekly, monthly settings are removed.


    Hi Craig,

    To handle your specifics please notify us on live chat so that we can work with you on getting this sorted.

    I will respond to you with some basic information that will be helpful for other users browsing this area.

    1. The Weekly and Monthly field under the Tokeet Rates Settings tab do not push to AirBnb. The reason for this is that when AirBnb has any type of issue with rate synching they would replace your standard rates with your base rate, so this had to be turned off on our end to avoid pushing dangerously low prices based on a systemic issue that we have no control over.

    2. The weekly and monthly discount for AirBnb is set under the connection details Price Settings option. You can find that by going to Channels > clicking into the AirBnb (new) connection you are working with > and using the actions button to select Price Settings


    From here you can set the weekly and monthly discounts (based on percentage of the current nightly rate)


    If this does not work for you, please reach out to live chat so that we can view the specifics on your connection.