New Tokeet App

  • In the New Tokeet app in Calendar Mode

    1. When I first open it by default the date is in 2017, this should default to today's date. NB 1 seems resolved as of 15th Nov update.
    2. After I have set to today's date (in portrait mode which is how it opens) if I then turn the phone to landscape mode so I can see further ahead the date range jumps by a couple of months and I have to set back to Today's date again. It should stay the same as it was before I changed orientation.
    3. Phone numbers in the app should be clickable to enable easily calling the guest from within the booking details (it does work from actual guest details area but not on booking details)

  • STAFF Moderator

    @Alistair-Wood Point 2 & 3 have been ticketed and will be included in next release.

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