Importing Tokeet calendars to Mac OS Calendar

  • I'm trying to import Tokeet's ical links for my properties into my Mac OS (Catalina)'s Calendar program. For the most part, the calendars import properly but some bookings and events are missing. From debugging, it seems like some reservations and events (such as booking holds) are exporting in the ICS file with a blank UID identifier, and those are not importing. But if I manually add a random UID identifier, then that event gets imported correctly.

    I'm not sure if this is a Tokeet issue or an Apple issue but I think it would be good practice for every event exported by Tokeet to have a UID regardless. Thank you.

  • STAFF Moderator

    Hi Henry. Sorry for the delay on this. Would you please contact us via live chat, in the app, so that you are able to share your ical information discreetly? This will allow our team a chance to take a closer look at what's happening. I have not been able to replicate this issue with Windows Calendar or Outlook.