Signature Contracts link expires after its been opened on a device

  • When a contract is opened by a guest, the link then only allows it to be opened on that device.

    This causes us a lot of problems and we constantly have to resend contracts. When they try and open the link on a new device, it sends them to the signature homepage and a lot of guests then try and sign up and are left frustrated. We've tried to combat this by sending them information about how it works, but this is rarely a success.

    I think that;

    1. If a contract has had no information saved to it, then it should be open-able on other devices
    2. If a link is invalid then Signature should explicitly say so at the time and why (not leaving the guests confused)
    3. There should be an option to 'release' the contract if already opened

    I had other ideas that signers could receive a 'one time password' that allows them to login

    Happy to hear other suggestions, but the bottom line is that its really frustrating for us as hosts and for guests

  • STAFF Moderator

    Hi Blake, We are not able to reproduce this problem at our end. I have sent a contract to myself. Firstly I have opened it on my Android device and then I have signed it from my iOS device without any problem. Can you please confirm that your guests sign it before the links get expired (24 hours)?

    It would be a great help if you provide detailed steps on how to reproduce it.

  • Thanks for responding. I was told a couple of months back that when the link is opened the GUID of the device is logged and it can no longer be opened unless on the same device. At the time I did test it and it seemed to be the case.

    That said, I've just tried to replicate it again and I can open it on multiple devices! So totally scuppered now. Could it have changed recently?

  • STAFF Moderator

    Hi Blake. Yes, we updated the behavior of the app to allow template recipients to open the template on multiple devices and browsers. This is the new behavior you have experienced. Please let us know if you encounter any other issues with the app. Thank you for your feedback.