Announcing Webready - The best website builder for short-term rentals

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    We are excited to announce the release of Webready, the latest addition to Tokeet’s suite of products! With Webready, your website can become your primary booking channel!

    Webready allows you to create outstanding, high-quality websites for your short-term rentals. Its easy to follow design guides you through the process, from selecting one of the many new templates for single and multiple rental websites to adding or purchasing a domain that suits your business.

    You’ll be able to easily adjust the menu and pages for your website and we’ve also added a very simple and quick SSL process to ensure that it is secured. Webready offers enhanced features such as the booking engine and many more, taking your feedback into account.

    Webready delivers fully responsive designs on all devices, coupon codes, improved SEO, and even its own Rates module.

    Current Tokeet users can login to Webready today. You may also auto-login from within TV3 or Sympl CM by clicking the Add Ons top menu option, then selecting Webready. Webready is also available as an add on product on our Tokeet App Store.

    Webready is a separate product within the Tokeet product suite. It does have a FREE plan for creating a single rental website. However, you must upgrade to create multi-rental websites. Please click here to learn more about Webready Pricing.

    Read more here.

    As always, please contact support with any questions.

  • @Kwesi-Steele-0
    It is quite expensive, I thought it depends on subscription it will be free but it is not. With the issue of coronovirus people looking for option to save and Tokeet is not very cheap. In short if you pay for everything, Channel manager, Web Builder, automata, rategenie, you can look for the most economical option.

  • You should improve the website builder that already exists inside Tokeet and not create another add on, extra payment.

  • True, the tokeet is just getting super expensive! Not to mention that the cost of the tooket increased by 30%. The checklist price is simply an abuse.

  • @Irina-Sheshina Your best move would be to move to Owner Rez. Tokeet is overpriced garbage. If they had any scruples, they'd toss the improved site builder in for the people whose sub included that. That non-functional 'professional website' was a large part of why I left. It wasn't even mobile optimized. If you watch your web traffic in Google Analytics, you will see that easily 75%+ of your traffic is mobile these days. Now it makes sense to me why they wouldn't do any dev work to improve the site; they wanted to gouge us more. They'll probably kick me off here, but yea, do yourself a favor and go to OwnerRez. They actually give you what you pay for at a fair price.