AirBnB API: Custom length-of-stay discount

  • 1. Description
    Add length-of-stay prices for a specific number of nights, not just weekly and monthly.

    2. Software
    The AirBnB XML API seems to support this already, so adding it to the Pricing Settings panel (above the Weekly Discount setting) in the AirBnB Connection Details -> Actions should be rather straightforward. (A Tokeet competitor has already done something similar; see
    In their user guide it says:


    A factor for a discount for 2 or more days, weekly or monthly. Use either the discounts for number of days or month/week but not both because the discount per days will override the discount per week/month.)

    3. Business Impact
    Two nights discounts greatly improves occupancy, especially during weekdays.

    4. Attempted Workarounds
    I have un-linked the AirBnB channel in order to enable a 2-night discount on the AirBnB site, and then re-linked it again, but unfortunately doing so erases the discount immediately. I have also tried to define different default prices for 1 and 2 night minimum stays, but that fails because if you have multiple prices activated for Airbnb with different minimum stays the system will only use the price with the lowest minimum stay.

  • STAFF Administrator

    Hey Martin,
    Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure which API you are referring to as the official Airbnb API is in JSON. Nonetheless, Airbnb has recently released an update to the JSON API which allows for LOS settings. We will be revisiting this feature and implementing some time in the future.


  • @Kwesi-Steele Thank you for your response, and I am sorry for the confusion I may have caused. I just wrote AirBnB XML API because that's what I saw on that other company's site, but after reading your reply I understand the length-of-stay functionality was added by the recently released update to the JSON API.

  • @Kwesi-Steele
    I just realized today that AirBnB now allows Rule-sets to be applied even if you are managing your rates from Tokeet, i.e. I can now configure length-of-stay discounts (although in % only) from their calendar page. This means that my feature request is not that important to me any more. Thanks anyway that you were going to consider it.

  • STAFF Administrator

    Hey Martin, thanks for the feedback. I will update the product team about this.