AirBNB authentication issue - March 12, 2020

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    AirBNB Connection Issue
    Please Check Your Connection

    Due to an AirBNB authentication issue we've lost the connection between your AirBNB account(s) and Tokeet. This problem can be quickly resolved with the following steps:

    • Log into your Tokeet account

    • Click on the Channels button at the top of any screen.

    • Click Add Channel and select AirBNB API.

    • To add different accounts, log out of AirBNB. Log back in to the next account and repeat these steps.

    If you have any questions please contact the support team. We apologize for this issue and will assist in any way we can.

  • You guys are kidding me with this, right? My Airbnb properties have been out of sync for 2 days with no notifications whatsoever? I also spent a couple of hours wondering why my Airbnb calendars are out of sync and my recent cancellation was not made available back on Airbnb until I discovered this post.

    Next time, send an email when this sort of thing happens.

  • @Henry-Ho ''''''''''''''''i'm having synchronisation issues as well, and as a new user its freaking me out a little as calendars are showing different availabilities... I wish Tokeet would realise that this industry runs 24/7 and not having access to support on a Sunday is a big issue!

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    Sam, we've tried having weekend support in the past, and the fact is that our ticket volume goes way down on weekends. We have some weekend support, but generally there aren't many open tickets when our Asia team starts on their Monday mornings.

    Please let me know if Customer Support was not able to help you this morning.