Recurring expenses do not work

    • Description of the expected result
      Ticking the "Recurring monthly" box should cause the entered expense to repeat each month on the expense date.

    • Description (and/or screenshot) of the actual result
      Ticking the "Recurring Monthly" box does absolutely nothing. I have to manually add expenses every month just as before.


    • Description of the impact to your business
      Increased admin time

    • Any workarounds you have tried or are doing
      It's a checkbox, it only has 2 values and neither of them correctly create a recurring expense.

    • Comments about any known conditions that cause different behavior.

    • The device, operating system, and browser you are using.
      Win10 laptop on Chrome 76.



    We identified an issue with this new function at the end of last week and have pushed an update which should resolve this. Please monitor recurring expenses which are due to copy themselves and let us know if you are still experiencing issues.


  • Recurring expenses still do not work.

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