Guest portal sends information for wrong apartment!

    • Description of the expected result
      When the guest portal link is sent out to guests, it should give them the details specific to that booking.

    • Description (and/or screenshot) of the actual result
      What actually happens is it uses the details of the last booking on the system for that guest, even if that booking is in the future, and for a different apartment.

    For example, Joe Bloggs is a repeat guest who is booked in with us this week at our Dakota House apartment. He loves us so he's also booked his next stay in a month's time at a different apartment, our Hopton House apartment. When the guest portal is sent out for his stay THIS week, it shows all the information for his stay next month at a completely different location.

    • Description of the impact to your business
      An absolute logistical nightmare and lots of wasted man-hours when guests collect the wrong keys and go to the wrong apartment, because we've told them to! Plus the wasted man-hours trying to get your apathetic support team to do anything about it (I first reported this over a year ago).

    • Any workarounds you have tried or are doing
      We have to change all future bookings for the guest to a different "dummy" guest to ensure they receive the correct information.

    • Comments about any known conditions that cause different behavior.

    • The device, operating system, and browser you are using.
      Win10 laptop on Chrome 76.

  • Administrator

    Thanks. I'm going to check with our Tokeet Product Manager on this.



    Hi. Thanks for reporting this. We've recently created a ticket for this after it was reported by another Tokeet user.