Implement messaging correctly

    • Description of your need, in functional (non-software) terms
      I need messages from guests to be linked with the relevant booking in my Tokeet inbox. Currently this often does not happen, because your method of handling BDC messaging is that they have to email the Tokeet rental email address. Unless they're replying to one of our messages, this will never happen, so we miss many messages from BDC guests.

    • Description of how you imagine that working in software terms
      Simply put - You have an API connection with, so please use it to implement messaging correctly. BDC's Messaging API docs make it quite clear how you can look up messages and link them to the correct booking. It is fairly poor in my opinion that this hasn't already been done, considering you advertise full API connectivity with

    • Description of the impact to your business
      Missing messages from guests makes us look massively unprofessional. I also personally wasted a couple of hours on live chat as usual dealing with the false claims that it's an issue at BDC's end (before they eventually admit it wasn't).

    • Any workarounds you have tried or are doing
      Just messaging directly via the Extranet due to lack of confidence that Tokeet messages will end up in the right place.

  • STAFF Administrator

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the note. It would seem that maybe you are not using the email address of your Tokeet account within the email settings. This is the prescribed way to setup your account and it works well for most users. Once this is corrected you should receive messages from in your Tokeet account and they will be assigned to the appropriate rental. Please see this help article.

    That being said, we are working to integrate the messaging API into the Tokeet platform. This has already been built and is in the QA phase of development.