Rategenie - Different prices for different lengths of stay

    • Description of your need, in functional (non-software) terms.
      I would like to be able to set different rates for different lengths of stay, e.g. if someone stays 1 night, they may pay £150 per night, if they stay 2 nights they may pay £125 per night, etc.

    Quite commonly for last minute availability, we'll drop from a 2 night minimum to a one night minimum, to attract a larger market. We would want to be able to charge a premium for the one night stay but keep the price the same if someone wanted to book 2 nights.

    • Description of how you imagine that working in software terms.
      As a strategy rule

    • Description of the impact to your business.
      Better revenue management

    • Any workarounds you have tried or are doing.
      Currently we just have to enable 1 night stays and try to find a happy medium between acceptable one and two night prices, so we're getting the worst of both worlds really.

  • We do something along these lines using the Gap Night option in RateGenie and then putting in a positive percentage. For example, a one night rate is the standard rate +30%, plus cleaning fee.

  • @Alistair-Wood Thanks Alistair, we do that too for one night gaps but the problem comes in when there's more than one night available. If we had two nights available, we might want to allow one night stays at a 30% increase but still charge the normal price for anyone who wants to book both nights.

  • @Brightleap-Apartments Yes that makes sense, would be nice to have that flexibility of multiple Gap Rates

  • STAFF Administrator

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the feature recommendation. We did not implement Length Of Stay (LOS) pricing in Rategenie because we didn't believe the feature was consistent enough across the various channels. As a result the Rategnie feature may have been a bit cumbersome. This is something we will revisit in the future as LOS pricing gains a more uniformed pattern in the major channel APIs.

    Thanks again.