API link with Home Away

  • When will you have an API link with Home Away vs ical link, please? I recently attended the HOST show in London and where there were thousands of rentalpreneurs, and given that they are one of the big 3 OTAs, I was surprised when they said there was nothing imminent with Tokeet. They had been receiving multiple queries from similar operators regarding this integration too.

  • This was happening a while back as I was going to be one of the trial users but it all went quiet, not sure what happened but it's definitely something that would be very useful.

  • Is there anything happening on this in the near future? Would be really good to have HomeAway and TripAdvisor supported for pricing (via RateGenie) and bookings as soon as possible.

  • STAFF Moderator

    Hi Alistair. Homeaway API integration is still in development. Release of the API has been delayed until later this year.

  • Hi there,

    Has the HomeAway API integration been rolled out yet?

  • Hi

    I am also interested in the HomeAway API, do you have a roll out date yet? Is one being developed for tripadvisor? I love your products and think these API's would be great additions to your selection.

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