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    That is correct, Konstantinos. You will have to remake the booking. Channel source can only be changed once. I will put in an enhancement request to see if it is possible to allow multiple changes.

  • I logged this on 29 Jan and suggested that the field is no longer pre-populated with the default "tokeet" and make completion mandatory. That way users will be forced to select the value.
    It is still possible that users may quick click the wrong value so a change function with a "Are you sure?" challenge would be appreciated as having to rekey a booking to correct a data field does not make sense.

    Also suggested that when users convert iCal request Hold Events to a Booking the system scrapes the relevant information to pre-populate as much of the Booking form as possible

  • Lovely that the system tells me the thread is quite old.
    I know that, as it is why I am chasing why the promised change has still not been delivered

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