System downtime, March 9, 2020

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    Monday, March 9, 2020

    Dear Tokeet Customers,

    Today we experienced a production outage that interrupted many Tokeet services for a good part of the day. This outage was due to issues that surfaced during routine database maintenance and have since been resolved. Our plan was to conduct this maintenance seamlessly, without any interruption of service as we have done successfully in the past, however today was an exception.

    This is an unprecedented failure that we know is unworthy of both our history and your trust. We apologize for the outage and the disruption to your business. At this time, we are focusing our efforts on finding and recovering from any and all lingering issues resulting from this outage. As of now, all Tokeet services have been fully restored and you can continue to use Tokeet as normal.

    Please check this page for new developments and any required manual actions that may be required of you. You can access the Tokeet Community using your Tokeet Channel Manager credentials.

    We sincerely apologize for this outage and take full responsibility for this interruption to your service.

    Kwesi Steele
    Tokeet Founder and CEO

  • We are still having serious issues that have not been fixed by yourselves. No one is responding on live chat to me. We need help.

    Summary of Tokeet Issues:
    (1) Taylor Retreat booking was made on Expedia despite hold on Tokeet – and the booking is not showing on the calendar.
    We have had to relocate them to Harris Retreat but the booking is not showing so we are unable to move the booking over to Harris Retreat (We had to apply a hold).
    When we try and click onto the booking we get an error message.
    See Screenshots below:

    (2) Elms Way booking – was put on manually on Tokeet but it has since disappeared from the calendar (So we applied a Hold)

    Could we please get help so that you can get these bookings to show in the calendar so we can view the booking and edit details. We need this treated urgently and no one is responding to us. Please!

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    Joy, thanks for reporting this issue and your clear documentation. We have been working on this problem for the past few hours and are currently running a script to identify all discrepancies. The two entries you've reported have been corrected manually.

    For all users: No data has been lost. There was only a three hour window when this was happening. Updated status to follow.

  • I have also just noticed that a booking i had from Expedia yesterday is not showing in the calendar. I had a text notification at 22.23 yesterday for 1 Brabloch for 2 guests 23/3-28/3/20 but there is nothing showing in the calendar !!Capture.PNG

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    Liz, you should be good now. Please refresh and confirm.

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    Dear Tokeet Customers,

    The recovery from our production issues that started early Monday morning (USA time) is complete. Here are a couple of items we want to inform you about:

    • Some of the booking requests from the channels needed to be synchronized on the Tokeet side. The recovery work is complete and you should see those now. Please report any outstanding discrepancies to Customer Support.

    • A small number of AirBNB connections were dropped. These require human verification as part of their validation process, so we cannot process these systematically. If you go to your Tokeet Channel Details overlay page for AirBNB and see any red or unlinked connections, please go through the process of re-connecting.

    If you see any other lingering issues, please report them to Customer Support.

    Thank you,
    Glenn Mar
    Tokeet VP of Client Services

  • Hi Glenn, you promoted this "community" a few times on Facebook yet neither you nor Tokeet support seem to participate on here. So many threads left unattended to. Given all the recent support and perception issues, I would've expected a stronger effort. Better yet, just stand up better support; not in Pakistan but smart people based in UK or USA please. Cheers, JJC

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    Most topics have replies from senior personnel, though I agree it will be better when we can build a faster rhythm. Still, I think this forum has the potential to become an excellent place to centralize interaction so that the same information reaches everyone as soon as possible.

    With regard to upgrading customer support, I am currently actively recruiting in new regions to improve our clock coverage and overall quality. This is in addition to several initiatives to strengthen the skill sets of our team internally.

    Stay tuned!
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