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  • Interested to know when the next update to the website functionality might be coming along?

    There are a few issues and also a few things that would be very helpful to have

    The main one is initial prices are shown without fees like VAT or cleaning then only when the customer goes to book are these added. 1. I'm not sure this is even legal under EU law and that's why Booking etc now includes all mandatory fees in the pricing. 2. It's not great from a sales perspective as it sets a false expectation especially if you are charging vat as the price is suddenly hiked by 20% as the customer sees it.
    Only today I had a customer say, "it says prices from £xyz, when can I book at that price"? The answer is currently never as those are without VAT or cleaning fee, not a great answer to have to give them.

    Additional Functionality required

    1. The ability to offer coupons for either fixed rates/date and percentage discounts
    2. The ability to offer upsell items, early/late check-in, hampers, chocolates etc etc
    3. Change the "Book Now" button to say something else as it puts people off as they think they are about to book before even getting actual prices after picking dates

  • The Guest Portal would also be good to be able to use but currently, both the guest numbers eg number of adults and children and price paid via OTA's not including cleaning fees are inaccurate in Tokeet so it's not great to give the guest access to a portal where key info is wrong. Ideally, those would also be sorted so we had a usable guest portal.


  • Don't forget that the tokeet websites ignore any min night stays you have set and allow people to book really short stays when you have set long min night stay requirements in rate genie. This is the biggest thing holding us back from having public ready websites in tokeet. Cant wait for the fix to happen one day? Maybe? If we are lucky?

  • One more thought on this one, length of stay discounts on the websites would also be useful. We have been caught out by undercutting ourselves on longer potential bookings as OTA's like AirBnb offer length of stay discounts and this can mean the prices are lower there than direct.

  • STAFF Administrator

    Hey guys, thanks for this feedback. We are actively working on the new version of our website product. The goal is the deal with all of these outstanding items once and for all. Please stay tuned for more details in the future.


  • @Kwesi-Steele for planning purposes. is there a broad estimate of when this can be expected? This year? next year?

  • STAFF Administrator

    Hey @Ryland-Nelson let's say early next year for now. If it comes sooner great.

  • I'm at the point of considering switching to creating my own WordPress site to get round various limitations and issues. Are there any plans for this to be built on WordPress (which makes it much easier to extend and control things myself)

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