Automata - Multiple "Booking Confirmed" triggers for AirBnB bookings

    • Description of the expected result
      There should be only one "Booking Confirmed" event per booking

    • Description (and/or screenshot) of the actual result
      For AirBnB bookings, 2 "Booking Confirmed" events seem to fire every time. This makes all triggers which use that event fire twice, including messages to the guest. This has been going on ever since Automata was released.


    • Description of the impact to your business
      Makes us look amateur and unprofessional, and attracts complaints from guests

    • Any workarounds you have tried or are doing
      I have no control over the internals which trigger these events

    • Comments about any known conditions that cause different behavior.

    • The device, operating system, and browser you are using.
      Win10 laptop on Chrome 76.

  • Administrator

    Thanks, I'm going to ask our Automata Product Manager to look at this.

  • @Brightleap-Apartments Thanks for reporting this. Last week, the Automata Team was able to resolve the issue of multiple triggers firing. Has this happened since then? If so, please reach out to us on Live Chat so that we can investigate further.

    I believe we touched base yesterday regarding Samuel's case. This particular case was not related to the Automata issue we resolved earlier. In Samuel's case, our system received two inquiry booked notifications. Each notification caused the booking confirmed trigger to fire.

  • STAFF Moderator

    Hi. We've messaged you via live chat in the app, as we require more detailed information that may be confidential. Thank you for your feedback.

  • This is still happening. I had one or two where it didn't for a short period of time, then every AirBnB booking since has had this problem.

  • i have never had this problem

  • STAFF Moderator

    @Brightleap-Apartments We're seeing that the booking confirmation is actually coming in twice from Airbnb. That is the reason for the repeat firing of the triggers. I have sent you instructions via in-app live chat on how to proceed.